Japanese, US astronauts end spacewalk to fix robotic arm

Japanese, US astronauts end spacewalk to fix robotic arm

Japanese, US astronauts end spacewalk to fix robotic arm

The job was accomplished by NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei as well as Japan's Norishige Kanai, where one of the old hands were moved to a long-term storage location outside of the International Space Station, while the other was brought inside in order to be returned to Earth for repairs and an eventual return to the station.

A Russian cargo craft is on its way to the International Space Station early Thursday as two astronauts get ready for a spacewalk on Friday.

The spacewalkers then moved on to LEE-B, which Vande Hei and NASA astronaut Scott Tingle replaced during another spacewalk, on January 23.

Middle and high school students will travel to Alamogordo High School for the call to Expedition 54 astronaut Scott Tingle aboard the space station, posing questions about life aboard the orbital outpost, NASA's deep space exploration plans, and doing science in space.

Akihiko Hoshide, an experienced Japanese astronaut who previously visited the station, relayed directions to the spacewalkers from Mission Control in Houston.

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That LEE will be kept at the station as a spare.

Students across the participating school districts have been preparing for the event by studying the space station, astronaut biographies, and incorporating rockets and space station-focused physics lessons into the curriculum, as well as hosting an Engineering Design Competition.

The degraded LEE-A was temporarily stowed on a powered anchor fitting known as a POA on the station's mobile transporter.

Kanai is now on a 6-month mission at the ISS. He returns to Earth at the end of the month. This LEE "showed signs of degradation, but still could be functional", so it will stay at the ISS as a spare unit, Navias said.

Today's spacewalk officially ended at 12:57 p.m. EST (1757 GMT), when the spacewalkers switched their spacesuits off from battery power inside the Quest airlock. With how fast the space station moves, they were flying over London just 30 minutes later. This in-flight education downlink is an integral component of NASA's Year of Education on Station, which provides extensive space station-related resources and opportunities to students and educators.

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