Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 dated for Switch

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Players who purchase the retail edition will have to redeem a download code to receive the four games and bonus features from Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. In an industry where launch delays are frustratingly too common, Capcom is keeping its promise, with the two collections to launch on the hybrid console on May 22.

Both collections will feature new artwork, new levels, new challenges and Amiibo support. The challenges are exclusive to Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, there's the ability to create a save state in almost any part of the game, and Mega Man regular or golden amiibo owners will also get access to 11 fan-made challenges, says Capcom.

Much to the delight of some gamers, back in December 2017 Capcom announced that they would be bringing the Mega Man Legacy Collection onto the Nintendo Switch.

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Legacy Collection 2 will display smoother graphics with the use of 16-bit and 32-bit. The eShop releases will be separate, with Legacy Collection 1 (Mega Man 1-6) costing US$14.99 and Legacy Collection 2 (7-10) holding a $19.99 price tag. In addition, there's also a host of additional content, including time trials, remix challenges, a "Rewind' feature, and an extensive gallery of rare illustrations". The 9th and 10th entries in the series will include all of the DLC released for those titles. Regular or golden Mega Man Amiibo toy owners will be able to access eleven extra fan-made challenges that have only been available on the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.

Capcom went absolutely insane with a bunch of Mega Man announcements back in December.

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