Oprah has no time for Donald Trump Twitter feuds

“The Ellen Degeneres Show”

“The Ellen Degeneres Show”

During her interview, Oprah confirmed that she has no plans to run for the US presidency after people began campaigning for her to become a candidate after she gave a stirring speech at the Golden Globe Awards last month (Jan18).

Oprah Winfrey couldn't help but laugh when Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that she had three hands in a photo featured in Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue. I'll never go to another Golden Globes.

Tiffany Haddish melting down over meeting her idol Oprah Winfrey was just too damn sweet. "So Reese (Witherspoon) and I were walking offstage and I went, 'Ahhhh, that's done!' And I thought it was over".

"Then backstage, people started saying stuff", Oprah said.

DeGeneres posted a clipping from her show and captioned it: "You mess with Oprah, you mess with me, Mr. President".

At first, she was thrown by the adulation.

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"I said, 'Why are you even talking, Stedman? I was just trying to support you at the Golden Globes, next thing I know you're running for president.' But he says he heard the reporter say, 'Would she make a good president?' Of course, he would never say I should run". I think, 'Am I supposed to run the country?. He's like, 'I'll never go to another Golden Globes.

"So he will not be your press secretary", Kimmel joked.

The media mogul talked about her relationship with Donald Trump and her feelings on his insulting tweet about her, in which he called her "very insecure".

Ava DuVernay, director of A Wrinkle in Time, instructed her to check her Twitter feed.

Not so for Kimmel, who said if it had happened to him he would have been up in the middle of the night tweeting back.

Also during her interview on JKL, Winfrey revealed that while she doesn't ever answer her own telephone, she does pay her own bills.

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