Overkill Addresses Payday 2 Missing Content and Updates



The revelation came after an early recipient of the game reportedly streamed the game.

"'Payday 2" is releasing on Switch with content up to and including the "Most Wanted" update, which is equivalent to the content released through mid-2017 on PC", Starbreeze told Polygon.

Even when you ignore how outdated the Switch version is, many are not hopeful this will change in the future.

In other Nintendo news, the entertainment company aims at having everyone owning a Switch console in the household.

It must be noted that console are slower when compared to the PC.

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Eventually, the community concluded that the Switch version is running some version of update 117, which would put it well behind the PC version - the game's most updated.

It's unclear if the recent statements will do anything to quell gamer's anger. This implies that the release of the Xbox One X model has had a reinvigorating effect on the sales of the console.

"The reasoning for the Switch content: we're making continuous updates to a game that's turning 5 years old this year, and to get the game out in early 2018 on Switch meant that our team had to go with the content ported and available at the time of console submission".

"Also, I don't expect any patches for the Switch Version and nobody who buys it should either".

While the Switch moved more units, PS4 received more revenue, thanks to the sales of the more expensive Pro model and the support of strong releases like Monster Hunter: World, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, or the exclusive Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT. Most notably, the industry insider leaked full specs for the Nintendo Switch before the console's launch. For Nintendo Switch, the title features 1080p resolution in TV mode and 720p in handheld mode.

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