'A Wrinkle in Time' will appeal to young

'A Wrinkle in Time' will appeal to young

'A Wrinkle in Time' will appeal to young

Coogler described the writing in A Wrinkle in Time as "beautiful". So there's that milestone. One dark and stormy night a unusual woman, Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon) comes calling and hands out some cryptic advice before flitting off into the thunderstorm.

That's because Lee recently admitted to me over the phone that the duo initially bonded over stories about their bullies, which ultimately led to the character of Veronica Kiley (Rowan Blanchard), who routinely harasses Meg Murry (Storm Reid) in "A Wrinkle In Time", being created.

Now it looks like the overall weekend will be a photo finish: Wrinkle In Time's estimates are at around $40 million - with Black Panther thought to be cruising towards $37 million. It needs to give DuVernay some well-earned box-office clout, take on the patriarchy, live up to the reputation of a treasured book and capture the spirit of a blossoming youth movement. The drawback to this is that they come so quickly and consume so much of the story's oxygen that it's hard to focus on the core mechanics of the plot, which largely feel something like: Meg doubts herself, the ladies tell her to believe in herself and love herself, they go somewhere unusual, repeat. Michael Peña as Red and Zach Galifianakis as the Happy Medium turn up as oddball characters along the way, but this film belongs to the appealing and smart Reid and her young co-horts, especially Miller, who underplays it nicely.

Meg is the kind of literary heroine that book-loving girls worship.

"[DuVernay] imagined the book's central family as multiracial, brings her keen sense for acting talent to the film's casting, if also a weak eye for science-fiction and fantasy visuals". No idea. I think tweens might enjoy the film, as it's so squarely aimed at them. They're teased at school and misunderstood by their teachers.

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That surface-level approach also weakens the movie's messaging (for more details on this, check out Alissa Wilkinson's article on the film on Vox). "Sure, I can function on the same level as everybody else". I suggested to Disney about four years ago that it might be interesting to do, and they actually said, you know, we're actually buying the rights to it. A brilliant scientist, he claimed he'd found a way to explore the universe using only his mind. The lush greenery of the planet Uriel feels familiar and alien at the same time, thanks to some beautifully animated flowers (to tell you more would be a spoiler!), while the creepy tentacled world of IT packs the evil punch the movie needs.

With the Murry family, Calvin is free to be his best, most-complicated self. He's a prodigy who can see into the future.

Good things happen for Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin in "A Wrinkle in Time", even if a lot of scary things have to happen first. And the same thing with my friend Gayle. On the other hand, another data source believes the No. 1 one win was too close to call with both pics looking at $37M to low $40Ms.

In "A Wrinkle in Time" (2018), three mysterious women help children travel through space to rescue their father.

Many writers escape through their work and their imagination, this movie made me teary eyed as a young girl that grew up without her dad, how did this book inspire you?

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