New SpaceX Video Dramatically Reviews The Falcon Heavy Launch

HBO  YouTube

HBO YouTube

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO used the panel to not only inspire a new generation on space exploration, but also drop two epic highlight reels of the Falcon Heavy rocket launch that carried Starman riding in a Tesla Roadster into deep space. Life can't be about "solving one miserable thing after another", he said.

"Why is the Falcon Heavy and Starman (the dummy sitting behind the wheel of a auto - ed.)? Lots of things that are miserable and kind of get you down". That's why we did it.

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Billionaire Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is predicting he'll be ready to send his private-venture space vehicle on "short trips" early next year - and to Mars by 2022.

The video shows, with elegant editing, the Florida crowds lined up to witness the launch, the preparation of the three massive engines and the rocket's fiery ascent. He described the video as "a trailer", but "it's not a trailer for a movie". It's a great little piece of myth-making - not surprising, considering it was put together by Jonathan Nolan, co-creator of HBO's visionary Westworld. This is not a trailer for a TV show. "We hope that it will be a trailer for a part of the next chapter of human history", Nolan said, first showing the audience his video at the annual South by Southwest festival on Saturday. They depicted the preparations for the launch, reaction and jubilation of the audience, the launch of a rocket into space and video footage of flying in space auto the Tesla Roadster with a dummy behind the wheel. Side blocks rockets returned to Earth shortly after launch, and Central crashed while landing.

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