Apple Updates MFi Logos

Apple Updates MFi Logos

Apple Updates MFi Logos

Now, the manufactures will have 90 days to update their packagings and MFi logos. Specifically, the company has changed the MFi logo.

Accessory makers in Apple's Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) licensing program now have the ability to create new types of products as the company adds specs for a Lightning to 3.5mm output cable and USB-C ports.

A source tells ChargerLab that Apple informed partners of the change last month. Products are also allowed to bundle USB-C cables with the MFi accessories, but manufacturers can opt to not include a cable or adapter and reduce their costs and or price in the process.

Apple announced the packaging and MFi logo changes to their already certified manufacturers on February 9th.

Comparing it to the new logos we see that instead of the 3 different Apple device logos, it's been simplified to a single black Apple icon.

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The products have been taken out of alphabetical order and arranged in order of popularity.

The MFi certification is required for all hardware and external accessories by the company, including headphone jacks, cords, and Airplay support. However, Apple users have complained that these particular accessories are priced too high.

"Promote your electronic accessory with MFi logos", the MFi program states on Apple's website. Many Apple accessories that are non-certified are still available at much lower prices, majority from the Chinese market.

It is worth noting that in recent year, Apple has increased the protection of its intellectual property rights.

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