Bose debuts audio augmented reality platform

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Bose has announced a pair of augmented reality-based smart glasses but the company is taking a different direction

The platform will be the world's first audio AR platform in which a user is able to use glasses to hear sound. - Picture courtesy of BoseNEW YORK, March 12 - Augmented reality glasses suggest a future of notifications, weather reports and text messages, all projected in front of you like a watermark covering on the pavement. The glasses will simulate historic events at landmarks, play speeches of a historical figure whose statue you may be looking at, or even tell you which way the departure gate is while checking in at an airport.

Music, of course, is also available to listen to, and you can use the glasses like a pair of headphones with the added benefit of controlling your playlists without having to take out your phone. The AR wearable is fitted with motion sensors and uses the Global Positioning System from an iOS or Android device to track the wearers location.

All of the gathered data is sent back to an app, which then produces real-time audio content to match where you are and what you are doing.

Bose has developed a tiny, super-slim "acoustics package" for its AR platform, which can be built into just about any wearable device, including headphones, helmets and eyewear.

The company is now partnering with several developers and manufacturers, including ASICS, Studio, Strava, TripAdvisor, TuneIn and Yelp.

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The glasses, equipped with "wafer-thin acoustics package", would be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, controlled by Siri and Google Assistant, touch or head gestures.

Bose Ventures, a team dedicated to investing in startups has "set up a US$50 million (RM195 million) venture fund" to further develop apps, services, and technology that would "leverage and extend the Bose AR platform", while approved developers and manufacturers will have access to the glasses and software development kit this summer. Bose's AR Glasses sidesteps those concerns by not relying on visuals at all.

In an announcement at South by South West (SXSW), Bose unveiled a pair of AR-enabled sunglasses which is still in its nascent stage but brings forward a whole new way AR can be implemented. The latest is the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, which feature the novel AR Emoji.

Developers interested in the Bose AR platform can sign-up for more information and the Bose AR SDK over on Bose's developer site. While Bose could have done the same with a pair of headphones, it certainly made a decision to shake things up a little and open the platform up to all kinds of wearables. You know what we mean.

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