Google Contacts adds ability to send money via Google Pay Send

Google Contacts can send money via Google Pay Send

Google Contacts adds ability to send money via Google Pay Send

Indeed, the addition of indirect video messaging doesn't raise any indication of a future overhaul, but it's good considering that Google is loosening its stance to favor the users.

Here is how video voicemail works in Duo: open the app [Duo], tap a name of a contact you want to call, while the call is ringing, tap "Leave a Video Message" or "Leave a Voice Message". As in case of all calls made on Duo, video messages are secure and end-to-end encrypted.

Back in November, Google added money transfers to Android Messages via Google Wallet (now known as Google Pay Send). However, the "Request Money" option is yet to be seen by the users. However, you can start recording your message after a call rings for 60 seconds without any answer from the other end.

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To play a video message received from another user, the receiver may tap their chat icon. Google Pay Request doesn't seem to be present here, despite the fact that there was a "Request" string in our teardown.

Google Duo certainly draws the line before the common video calling apps, despite boasting nearly the same functionalities.

First reported by Android Police, Google's slowly updating its Contacts app with a new shortcut for quickly sending money to friends and family. That's because calls in Google Duo might not always be planned. All said and done this is a nifty little feature for Google Pay users. The company previous year launched Google Tez mobile payments app in India, and last month, just ahead of MWC, it started replacing Android Pay with Google Pay.

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