Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains How to Prove The Earth is Round

Neil de Grasse Tyson Explains How to Prove The Earth is Round

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Why are the flat-earthers on the rise?

The famed astrophysicist and author appeared in a new video through his YouTube channel StarTalk to confirm the Earth is definitely not flat. According to Tyson, free speech and the degraded educational system are to be blamed.

Flat Earth Theory is practiced by Flat Earth Organization or Society where people who believe that the Earth is flat (Flat Earthers) diss existing theories and evidence and support their own theories to explains the true nature of Earth.

So why does it seem like more and more people are subscribing to the flat Earth theory? The scientist talks about experiments conducted centuries and centuries ago regarding how shadows fall, noting that there's no way a flat Earth could produce the kind of shadows that we can easily observe here on the surface.

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This time, as the flat-earther conspiracy continues to circulate among folks who believe the Moon landing was faked and folks who don't believe in gravity, Tyson released a longer explanation describing ways people can see for themselves how the Earth is round.

Other Flat Earthers believe that Antarctica is a giant ice wall around the outside of our (flat) planet. In fact, Google Trends data indicates that over the last couple of years, searches for the keyword "flat earth" have gone up more than three times, the news outlet reported at the time. He disproved this idea by pointing out that due to the way energy behaves, plus the laws of physics, the universe naturally forms spherical bodies. If Earth were flat, sometimes you'd get a flat shadow. The fact that a ship disappears from the view at the horizon proves the earth is round. Eratosthenes stated that when he looked for the bottom of the well in Syene, the bottom was clearly visible at the noontime but when he observed the other well in Alexandria at noontime, the bottom was not clearly visible. However, the sunlight won't reach to the bottom in other wells who are not directly under the sun. the angles of incoming sunlight would be different and can be measured to prove the earth is round (see the image for reference). Tyson states that if three wells were considered for this experiment, there is no explanation available by flat Earth theory that the bottom of three wells was illuminated at three different angles cast by the Sun.

The discussion featured in the video is based on a chapter included in Tyson's book Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. He studied at the Columbia University, University of Texas, and Harvard University.

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