Oh Hi, Marty: Watch Tommy Wiseau Audition For Martin Scorsese's Joker Series

Wait till they get a load of me Tommy Wiseau 62 tried his hand as The Joker in an audition for the next Batman film directed by Todd Phillips that was posted on Nerdist Monday

Oh Hi, Marty: Watch Tommy Wiseau Audition For Martin Scorsese's Joker Series

This can be evidenced by a recent comedy skit released online courtesy of Nerdist.

Tommy Wiseau apparently wants another chance at taking on a big role in Hollywood film. That's exactly what Wiseau does, quoting lines from The Dark Knight (not from Suicide Squad Joker, though honestly it's probably for the best). After gaining attention for being the subject of James Franco's critically-acclaimed film "The Disaster Artist", the star and director behind 2003's "The Room" auditions to be the Joker in a hilarious, yet freakish, Nerdist video. The pair use the audition to reenact the scene where The Joker talks about how they're destined to do it forever. Recently he has returned to the public eye with the release of The Disaster Artist, the James Franco directed feature based on Sestero's memoirs of the production on The Room.

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As if two parallel Jokers wasn't enough, Tommy Wiseau, the multi-hyphenate man behind The Room, often described as "the Citizen Kane of bad movies, ' has thrown his own hat into the ring". The worldwide man of mystery is just days away from releasing his second feature, Best F (r) iends, out March 30.

Hey, why not? If Todd Phillips can go from making a scrappy documentary about GG Allin to directing the Scorsese-produced Joker Origin series, why can't it star the guy who took three hours and 32 takes to say, "Oh hi, Mark!" Do you think he would make a good Mr J?

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