Pre-registration Started for Westworld the Mobile Game

Pre-registration Started for Westworld the Mobile Game

Pre-registration Started for Westworld the Mobile Game

We learned earlier this year that the game is in the works, and today's announcement sheds light on the plot and timing.

Thankfully, WB Games finally revealed their plans for the game at SXSW 2018. Westworld mobile game is now open.

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There's a Westworld mobile game in the making, and we're now getting to see a decent glimpse of it in action thanks to Warner Bros. If it sounds like something you want to play, preregistration is open now for both iOS and Android, with iOS registration live on the game's site and Android preregistration available via Google Play.

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According to a statement, the teams are working closely with the TV show's writers and producers to develop a game that feels right at home in the twisted world of Westworld.

"This game is an opportunity to give mobile gamers a fresh and exciting way to interact with the engrossing themes and enigmatic narrative explored by the Westworld series". From there, the player will have access to the Delos Park Training Simulator.

Players will be responsible for the "manufacturing and care-taking of artificially intelligent hosts" as well as "satisfying guest desires". Similar to other mobile titles like Bethesda's Fallout Shelter, the mobile version of Westworld is set to offer players a more cartoony take on the series. You can also check out a short trailer for the game posted down below. "We can't wait for fans to get their hands on the game to develop their own unique strategy to orchestrate and explore the ideal park experience".

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