Dante is here to hunt down some Monsters

Dante is here to hunt down some Monsters

Dante is here to hunt down some Monsters

Capcom said to "stay tuned" for more information regarding the content and when it will be made available. Capcom has revealed a collaboration with Capcom's well-acclaimed action game franchise Devil May Cry via its official social media page. The collaboration Charge Blade will be the Force Edge in Sword and Shield mode, and will transform to Alastor when in Axe mode. The trailer below showcases Devil May Cry's protagonist Dante fighting monsters and doing what monster hunters do in Monster Hunter World.

According to Capcom. Dante will use the combination of the Force Edge and Alastor weapons in Monster Hunter World, which will fall into the charge blade category.

Monster Hunter World players will soon be able to fight massive beasts as Dante's doppelganger. Like previous collaboration events, the event quests will only be available for a limited time, but they may return in the future.

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Y'know, I just never could get into Monster Hunter World. Her bow is also forged at the smithy.

This particular event will come later this year to celebrate the launch of the Devil May Cry HD Collection on Xbox One and PS4. Three Devil May Cry titles are included in the collection which is available now.

With the re-release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection now, that comes with the first Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition and the much-insulted Devil May Cry 2, the HD collection ought to be a strong section point for anybody hoping to look at the series's PlayStation 2 roots. Players can check out the current event quest schedule on the official Monster Hunter: World website.

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