The Flash: How Iris' Time as A Superhero Changes Her Going Forward

Candice Patton as Iris

The Flash: How Iris' Time as A Superhero Changes Her Going Forward

Iris got to play the speedster hero in tonight's episode of The Flash, but while her time as Central City's hero was brief it wasn't just Barry Allen's speedster that returned by episode's end.

"Having Barry's powers for an episode really made her realize what she's passionate about", Patton said.

Although the episode is focused on Iris, it has less to do with her new superhero image and more to do with the character re-affirming who she is and what she cares about. I will charitably call it uneven. For starters, the evolution of Harry that kicked off two weeks ago really gained steam here, and I love the obsessive drive that we're getting from him now. "That's something I'll never have to do, but good for you.' I didn't find out about this until shortly before we were shooting it". "I can run in a low heel like that.' They were the coolest shoes I've ever seen". And then there was Enter Flashtime which, when the day comes for me to list the best episodes in the history of this season, will definitely be on the list.

A superhero Iris has finally arrived on The Flash. As she sees it, Iris' true heroism is what she can accomplish without superpowers.

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"I mean, there is no school for acting in front of a green screen, not that I'm aware of" she said. "I think Iris illuminates that on the show". Instead, it might just be the single most economical hour of storytelling we've seen from this show all season. "The show went the extra mile to make Iris" time as a speedster special. And did my ears deceive me, or did Blake Neely give Iris her own hero's theme, too? As Iris physically engages the enemies in battle, Barry will serve as the team's leader.

And while Iris had fun and challenging stint putting on a costume and zipping around Central City at super-speed - even creating a tidal wave, something Barry hadn't yet done - for Patton, it was a bit of a mixed experience being more heavily involved in the visual effects side of The Flash.

According to The Hashtag Show, the CW Network announced the casting profiles of three new metahuman characters for "The Flash" TV series and they are Null, Crucifer, and Folded Man.

But for me, the ultimate sign that Iris got it right, and that the show got it right, was in a small moment with her father after she brings down the bad guy.

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