'This is Us' star Hannah Zeile teases Season 2 finale

Ron Batzdorff  NBC

Ron Batzdorff NBC

Even after Kate finally poured out her dad's ashes and felt ready to tie the knot, her wedding was still haunted by the ghost of Jack, to the point where we didn't even get to hear Toby and Kate speak their vows because the sound of Jack speaking to his Katie Girl in the 1990s drowned them out. Toby has often had to be the strong and supportive one.

Starring: Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia and more. Tuesday's emotional season finale followed both halves of the happy couple as they battled with various obstacles-grief in Kate's case, meddling parents in Toby's-to make their way down the aisle. She wants to get some for her wedding. They fear he will get severely depressed again, like he did after his first marriage to Josie failed.

This chat with Zoey seems to work on Deja, as she seems to be enjoying herself at the wedding - that is, until Toby's mother mistakes Deja as a biological child of Randall and Beth. Or do you think this is what she wants, this partnership?

In season two, okay went out the window.

"It was layered with young Kate and current Kate and their relationship or what the relationship could have been", Metz says, "down to what he would look like at this age and all of those things that everyone who has lost a loved one thinks about - the memories that could have been and things that could have been shared". She offers to talk to Deja for Beth.

Randall has other things going on: He's still reeling from the dramatic turn of events involving Deja from last week's episode; she's now irritable and closed off, an obvious result of her mother's official decision to "terminate all parental rights" and leave her in Randall and Beth's care. It goes without saying that spoilers are in this post, so beware of reading!

Aside from learning more about how Miguel and Rebecca fell for each other, we'll also get more of Miguel's backstory, including where his ex-wife and kids are in the present day. Or when Randall says "it's time to go see her", he could be referring to Beth (or Annie)'s final resting place. They're set to begin the adoption process but are scared about what the future holds.

Kevin Pearson [Justin Hartley] was also shown dating Beth's cousin Zoe and they were both flying to Vietnam. That includes Deja, who seemingly moved in with Randall and Beth at the end of last week's episode. We see them together on a plane, and Kevin is holding a photo of Jack and his brother during the war.

Two emotional toasts and several nail-biting moments later, This Is Us fans can finally start throwing some rice in the air; Kate and Toby are officially married. He's telling her that eventually she has to see her.

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Deja was seen smashing the windshield of Randall's vehicle during the wedding.

It wasn't clear who the "her" they are referring to is, but it's obvious that whatever happens to this person is not good.

"There's not much I can say, but I can say that I think it's going to be uplifting and the tears are probably going to be happy tears more than heartbreak", Zeile told the Daily News.

Season 2 of This Is Us was full of highs and lows.

"This is Us" has gained a reputation as a certified tearjerker, and Tuesday night's Season 2 finale will be no exception - only this time, expect to cry sobs of joy. But there's just no way he could stay away for Kate's wedding.

Cousin Zoe made a huge impact in just one short hour, and while her positive influence on Deja is clearly a work in progress - that kid still has a lot of anger and frustration to work through - Zoe is clearly not going anywhere any time soon. For answers on why old Jack was seen in the finale, read our recap.

Toby's parents stop by his room and reveal their concerns about Kate. Randall's was a return to the aforementioned future with Tess as a social worker. It's time This Is Us let it speak for itself.

Season finales are where shows wrap up storylines and introduce new ones. Want more news? Like our This Is Us Facebook page.

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