Trump fires Tillerson, secretary of state, a day after visit to Nigeria

Trump fires Tillerson, secretary of state, a day after visit to Nigeria

Trump fires Tillerson, secretary of state, a day after visit to Nigeria

Tillerson was appointed to represent the United States and carry out President Trump's agenda. He wasn't even consulted before Trump accepted the offer to meet with Kim Jong Un. "However, the Senate also has a role to play in this process, and I will carefully evaluate the nominations of Director Pompeo and Deputy Director Haspel as a part of that role".

In announcing Tillerson's sacking, Trump lavished praise on Pompeo, a former U.S. army officer and congressman who led the Central Intelligence Agency for almost 14 months, calling him "the right person for the job at this critical juncture".

Trump sees three defects in the deal: its failure to address Iran's ballistic missile programme; the terms under which global inspectors can visit suspect Iranian nuclear sites; and "sunset" clauses under which limits on the Iranian nuclear programme start to expire after 10 years. With Pompeo succeeding him and a more hawkish figure doubtless soon to replace McMaster, the groundwork's being laid to blow up the Iran agreement, no doubt to the dismay of many State employees.

But what Pompeo gives them, potentially, is influence. He has a rapport with the president, according to the media.

The promise of Pompeo is that finally, someone who knows how to work with Trump will take charge.

"There is strong sense of relief at State. It was as though "T-Rex" stomped through Foggy Bottom devouring staff and structures", said Brett Bruen, a former State Department official... "Congratulations to all!" Trump said on Twitter.

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The one arena where Pompeo's views are still a mystery is Russian Federation. "I guess he thought it was OK", Trump said, referring to Tillerson. Trump has also publicly criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation. State staffers may be looking at that and thinking if he's willing to stand up to Trump for the intel community, he'll be willing to stand up to him for the diplomatic community.

"It creates the possibility that someone who is up to speed with the issues, and has a comfortable working relationship with the President, is now in the chair", said Richard Haass, who served several Republicans and Democrats in state department and National Security Council positions.

Cyr said the secretary of state "doesn't operate at the pleasure of the foreign service professionals", and cited Henry Kissinger and James Baker, as secretaries of state that "kept their distance from the department and operated pretty independently". State Department officials were horrified by what they perceived as his disdain for them. His reforms left many experienced diplomats internally marginalized - with little to do but vent to reporters about Tillerson presiding over a decline of American diplomacy that many felt was the entire point of his tenure.

"This is going to reopen wounds from a decade and more ago, and also invite more oversight of both our analyses and our activities, especially if Gina is confirmed", said one U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The Trump-Tillerson relationship was never a match made in heaven.

The most important currency for a diplomat is their credibility. Tillerson was often seen as a moderating force who could calm some of Trump's more rash positions. It's hard to imagine Trump firing a figure as esteemed as Mattis, although he seems to be a firing mood lately. One man held at the secret prison she ran was waterboarded 83 times, slammed against walls, sleep deprived, and locked in a coffin-like box. "It's disappointing that the president has made a habit of firing the nation's highest-ranking officials in the most demoralizing ways possible - causing unnecessary chaos, demonstrating his poor leadership, and sending the message that no one is truly a respected member of his administration".

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