United suspends pet cargo flights after multiple dog-related incidents

United suspends pet cargo flights after multiple dog-related incidents

United suspends pet cargo flights after multiple dog-related incidents

Families and spouses could essentially take a foreign flight to Japan or South Korea and then hop on a plan to the U.S., but it's unclear if service members would be allowed to reroute their orders or accompany them. "That could be a month". Spouses told Stars and Stripes that United was the only option they were given during moving briefings.

In Germany, Patriot Express flights transit through Ramstein Air Base to and from the States.

However, the airline added that it is also reviewing this service.

It's been a disastrous few weeks for the American carrier: Last week, a dog died after a flight attendant placed the animal in the overhead bin during a three-hour flight, despite protests from the family.

Among them: animals traveling in cabins will get a brightly colored tag to better identify them.

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Military families moving from Guam to the USA mainland next month may have to leave their four-legged best friends behind following United Airlines' decision to suspend its pet transportation program, a report says. Service animals continue to be allowed in the cabin.

Last week, a 10-year-old, 80-pound German Shepard named Irgo flying on United as cargo ended up in Japan instead of Kansas City.

The airline said it is taking this voluntary action to conduct a thorough and systematic review of its PetSafe program and make improvements.

According to reports, 18 companion animals died aboard United Airlines flights in 2017 - way above the four that died on Delta and American Airlines combined.

United Airlines announced Tuesday that its PetSafe program for transporting animals as cargo is suspended, pending a review of the service. That compares to 0.47 out of every 10,000 across all airlines that reported data.

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