De Lille could have made a courtesy call, says DA

It is with great sadness accompanied by great joy that we heard the news that Winnie Madikizela Mandela the mother

Winnie Mandela South African Government

The storm around Patricia De Lille's attendance at an EFF memorial service for Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has thrown open the debate on whether she plans to join a new political party.

De Lille has consistently denied allegations of misconduct as mayor, and has accused party leaders of trying to discredit her, calling it a witchhunt.

The Democratic Alliance says it will not punish Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille for addressing mourners at an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) service for the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. "A courtesy call to alert the DA about her attendance would have been welcomed", Nt'sekhe said.

While the DA wants to boot her out of her job, it says it's untrue that it's charged her with speaking at the memorial event without informing the party, although it says it expected her to do so as a courtesy.

It seems the DA's Patricia De Lille is in hot water with the party once again.

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Everyone can understand that she would wish to be part of a memorial service for Mam'Winnie, because this is a huge icon that has passed on. "Patricia worked with Mama Winnie and it's within her right to pay tribute in an appropriate platform‚" he said.

De Lille and the DA are at loggerheads, with the party laying bribery and corruption charges against her earlier this month.

The DA regularly receives invitations from other political parties to address events or rallies and this is not in any way unusual.

The party will therefore formally ask for an explanation as to her reasons for attending, he said. "De Lille is well-suited to speak at the memorial".

She told Business Day on Wednesday that she did not want to comment on the DA's objection, saying she was there as a friend and to pay respects.

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