PUBG tweaks 'zone of death' pacing in major new update

Image PUBG Corporation

Image PUBG Corporation

Player Unknowns' Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp has recently released a new PC update with patch notes now available.

The aim, it would seem, is to curtail passive play, a strategy that basically involves hiding and trying to keep your health up - if several players are left at the end, the one with the most health wins.

Update 10 mainly targets the blue zone, which for those who don't speak PUBG is basically the developer's way of letting you know the match is reaching it conclusion; if you don't avoid it, you're brown bread.

The biggest change of the patch is indeed the change to the blue zone speed, which now starts much earlier than before but at a slower speed.

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We've adjusted safe zone and blue zone functionality.

The final blue zone will narrow down to the center instead of narrowing down to a random spot, and the total wait time including the blue zone inactive time has been reduced. Oh, and clothing spawns are out now, too. The Erangel map will now show the first safe zone thirty seconds sooner, and the first safe zone on Miramar will be visible from the air. As we discovered in the last testing phase, Savage is a different gameplay experience than PUBG's two other maps, thanks mostly to its smaller size.

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