Apple threatens leakers with criminal action in leaked memo

Apple threatens leakers with criminal action in leaked memo

Apple threatens leakers with criminal action in leaked memo

"Within days, the leaker was identified through an internal investigation and fired".

In an internal blog post, the notoriously secretive tech giant has attempted to scare off any would-be leakers by suggesting that it might mean the end of their careers - or worse - should they be caught. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports on a memo recently sent to all Apple employees stating that 29 Apple people were caught leaking secrets about planned products past year, and 12 of them were arrested.

Apple will not tolerate employees who leak information about their products anymore. He also said the CEOs approached Apple to find a middle ground for the case by inking a licensing deal, but the United States firm has rejected the offer.

The memo then goes on to stress how damaging leaks are to the company itself, those who worked on a project, and other employees. They claim to have caught 29 employees past year and 12 of them were eventually arrested. Recently a memo was leaked which revealed that Apple employees have been made clear that in such situations, they will be fired and a legal action will be taken against them when possible while there also being blacklisted from other companies.

The impact of the fresh memo by Apple is yet to be seen on its employees.

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In fact, Apple and Product Red have a history of creating products with the red shine, including new iPhones, Beats, iPads and Apple Watches. The company need to deal with both the leaks among its own corporate employees as well as from its supplier partners. Multiple employees were caught sharing details about the iPhone X, iPad Pro and Airpods with a 9to5 Mac reporter, according to the memo. Now, it's been rumoured before that Apple was working on a gold version of the iPhone X, but it never emerged.

The March date won't be when services start being pulled but is instead when Apple will make its plan public, allowing users to make ample preparations for the service to close. A scoop about an unreleased Apple product can generate massive traffic for a publication and financially benefit the blogger or reporter who broke it.

Leakers do not simply lose their jobs at Apple.

Apple is totally outnumbered by the huge number of customers coming to Apple Store and asking for replacement of iPhone batteries in order to return the phone performance to normal.

It concludes by sharing the news that 12 of the leakers in 2017 were arrested. "And that can become part of your personal and professional identity forever". "The best way to honor those contributions is by not leaking".

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