Rare Reveals Sea of Thieves' Content Roadmap

Rare Reveals Sea of Thieves' Content Roadmap

Rare Reveals Sea of Thieves' Content Roadmap

Sea of Thieves has been out only three weeks for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs but pirates have been intensely interested in new content for the open sea multiplayer title.

Following the release of The Hungering Deep, Sea of Thieves will then be hosting weekly events that will run until the next content update. The centerpiece of the plan includes big content updates through the rest of the year. But now Microsoft and the Rare studio want you to look to the game's development horizon and the promise of new quests, rewards, and mechanics that are awaiting you in future updates.

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Mike Chapman have taken to the airwaves in the latest Inn-side Story. First up is a content update called The Hungering Deep, which adds "a new AI threat" for crews to "discover and defeat as part of a unique event". Two are planned for this summer and will include a new ship, new part of the map, additional enemies, mechanics, and rewards.

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Rare also promises general updates to keep the sailing smooth and the piracy appropriately perilous, and until the new content updates it will be focused on enriching the world, adding new ways to play and to have fun with your crew. It will also introduce a number of new mechanics that will assist players on this adventure, and there will be unique rewards that players can earn as part of this event. Based on feedback since launch, Rare changed the priorities for both Pets and Ship Captaincy which had been previously announced as things to add in the few months after launch.

Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores will arrive sometime in the summer.

"Sea of Thieves" is an online action game where players can form a crew, hunt for treasure, kill skeletons, and engage in other pirate hijinks. "Expect our plans to continue to be fluid", Rare said. Possibly more exciting for players is a new ship type being introduced to Sea of Thieves.

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