Arnold Schwarzenegger still isn't feeling 'great' following surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger All fine after a major open heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger still isn't feeling 'great' following surgery

"But I'm good. I feel good", a visibly tired Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a short video message. "And thank you all for being such jewels".

"I just wanted you to know that I'm feeling much better".

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's good, but not great, following heart surgery. "You're very kind", he said.

"You're very kind", he says in the video. The operation was meant to simply replace a valve being used to correct a congenital heart defect, but ended up requiring open-heart surgery to address.

The spokesperson said that the procedure was a success and that Schwarzenegger is now recovering from the surgery in the hospital. "I get good care, good doctors - everything - good nurses".

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"I'm here at the chess board, playing a little bit of chess here, refreshing my mind and my memory a little bit", he concluded, as the camera panned to the game of chess he had been enjoying at his home.

In terms of his recovery progress, Schwarzenegger said that he's improving, but he wouldn't characterize himself as great.

One wrote: 'Great to see you're doing well. Through it all, he kept his singular sense of humor, reportedly quipping, "I'm back" upon waking up from the invasive surgery.

After news of the emergency operation broke, the actor's representative Daniel Ketchell released a statement which confirmed that actor was "stable" and in "good spirits" following the procedure, and added that his first words when he woke were "I'm back".

Arnold Schwarzenegger admits he's still not feeling "great" after recently undergoing open-heart surgery.

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