Saudi king slams US Jerusalem move

Saudi king slams US Jerusalem move

Saudi king slams US Jerusalem move

Billboards with photos of Saudi King Salman and Arabic that reads, "welcome" line the road to the convention center where Arab leaders are meeting for an Arab summit meeting in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Sunday, April 15, 2018.

The two regional titans, locked in proxy wars in Syria and in Saudi Arabia's southern neighbour Yemen, back opposing parties in Iraq and Lebanon.

The gathering comes as America, Britain and France yesterday launched a coordinated airstrike in Syria to punish the regime for a chemical weapons attack that killed more than 70 people.

Saudi Arabia is pushing for a tough, unified stance against its regional arch-rival Iran.

As we believe that the Arab national security is an integral and indivisible system, we have presented to you an initiative to deal with the challenges facing the Arab countries, titled 'Enhancing Arab National Security to Face Joint Challenges, ' stressing the importance of developing the Arab League and its system.

Syria remains suspended from the organisation.

Saudi tensions with neighboring Qatar were also on display at the summit.

Gulf Arab states have made massive donations to Syria but have not officially offered asylum to Syrians.

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Summits of the Arab League, established in 1945, rarely result in action.

Seven years into a war that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, Saudi Arabia and Iran now agree that the country's future can not be decided exclusively by the Assad regime, whose troops have regained the upper hand with massive support from Russian Federation.

His comments came just days after his son, powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, told reporters during a US tour that Israel also had a "right" to its own state.

The 82-year-old monarch dubbed the Arab League meeting the "Jerusalem summit" as he took aim at Washington's decision to transfer its embassy in Israel to the holy city.

And despite being a stalwart ally of the United States, the ruler also criticized U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and shift the U.S. embassy there.

But Saudi Arabia's crown prince struck a somewhat different tone during a United States tour earlier this month.

The administration of Trump has recognised Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and declared to the USA embassy to be located in Jerusalem.

A Saudi official said the country appreciated the show of support by the Malaysian Armed Forces to jointly defend the Gulf region.

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