Smog in northern Chinese region rises 27% in March

"With the number of scientists China is training every year it will eventually catch up, regardless of what the United States does", said David Shen, head of IP for China at global law firm Allen & Overy. They flood our borders with unsafe drugs and stolen brand-name merchandise.

The Liaoning and other vessels passed through the Taiwan Strait on March 20 - the day Xi warned against any attempts to divide China.

Lawyers say Chinese IP protection laws are comparable to U.S. and European legal standards. China is using what would be akin to pinpoint bombing to take out strategic targets in Republican red states, as it slaps tariffs on Harley-Davidson products and cranberries from House Speaker Paul Ryan's home state, peaches from Georgia, and Kentucky bourbon.

For senior-housing operators, that could be a good thing, since landlords like the Chinese investors-which are holding assets for capital preservation and to learn from them-likely won't be as aggressive as, say, a US pension fund, when it comes to negotiating rent, Costello said.

The fiigures, based on statistics from the Chinese Customs Services showed that trade between Lisbon and Beijing amounted to US$928 million (€752 million) through February.

US efforts to boost exports of technology-based goods, begun under Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, conflict with China's plan for state-led development of global competitors in fields from robotics to electric cars.

According to the theme and spirit of the conference, Cui Xiaolin, Head Editor of China Economic Weekly, People's Daily said that the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 is the first China-hosted diplomatic activity this year and Chinese leaders attach much importance to it.

Trump's technology order is in response to "unfair and harmful acquisition of U.S. technology", said a statement by the U.S. Trade Representative's office.

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The Home Office earlier confirmed the meeting was requested but the subject of the proposed meeting was not made clear. Labour MP David Lammy had co-ordinated a letter to the PM condemning the "grotesque, immoral and inhumane" situation.

Neither side has put the new tariffs into effect, as yet.

In the medium and long run, the higher prices caused by both countries' tariffs will result in products from other countries becoming more competitive and establishing a beachhead in previously challenging markets, or absorbing the market share given up by the Chinese or American exporter because of higher prices.

Trump the competitor understands that China is not just engaging in a trade war with the US, but an all-out contest for global economic dominance in the 21st century.

So, the question is this: Why is the Trump administration trying to fight a trade war to restore smokestack industries in steel and coal production instead of moving into high-level technology too?

This time China has more options than just the physical trade.

In 2016, China produced nearly 500,000 scientific papers according to data from global information analytics firm Elsevier, taking the No.2 spot globally and closing in on America's 600,000. Companies such as US Steel have announced plans to expand their operations, bringing on hundreds of workers.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared on CBS' Face the Nation last Sunday and said: "I don't expect there will be a trade war. Our objective is free and fair trade".

"The stuff we're asking for exclusion [for] is on the water. We want them to guard intellectual property, not take it from us". Electing Democrats will only enable China to achieve this goal faster. "It's about time we have leadership willing to take a stand on the trillion-dollar threat to the USA economy".

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