Baboons Use Barrel To Escape Texas Research Facility In 'Unique Incident'

Three of the animals were recaptured within 30 minutes of escaping and the fourth returned to its enclosure by itself

Three of the animals were recaptured within 30 minutes of escaping and the fourth returned to its enclosure by itself

This is the moment a group of baboons escaped their enclosure at a research facility after propping up a barrel against the wall and climbing to freedom.

From 2010 to present, the USDA has required the Texas Biomedical Research Institute to make changes to various aspects of the facility's infrastructure and care for the animals.

Four baboons at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, rolled a 250-liter barrel to the edge of the pen they were being kept in, and hopped the fence, Metro reports.

The baboons were only recently provided with the 55 gallon barrels that staff introduced to their open air enclosure as an "enrichment tool" and in the hope that they would be "used to help mimic foraging behaviours".

"Then the [baboon] bust a U-turn and runs back the other way-and he is fast as hell too", Reyna said, describing the chase.

Finally, the baboons were quarantined and returned back to the lab.

The institute says the three baboons and their turncloak co-conspirator are all "doing well".

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"Moral of the story-keep your monkeys locked up", Reyna said.

The baboons that escaped were reportedly not part of any infectious disease research or active study. Dr. John Bernal told News 4 San Antonio.

"The animal capture team, per protocol, was wearing personal protective equipment for the safety of the animals, as they are susceptible to human illnesses", the release read.

"Upon noticing the animals on top of the enclosure, our animal care team immediately removed the barrels from the enclosure and alerted the animal capture team", the centre said.

Lisa Cruz, TBRI's assistant vice president for communications, called the baboons' escape a "truly a unique incident". The institute added, "We have almost 1100 baboons on the property that date back eight generations".

The baboons as the Texas facility have all been born and bred at the location, the latest in a series of eight generations over the last half century. Researchers mentioned owing to just how much their own body structure is really to individuals, baboons are vital towards the medical care process.

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