Eurovision victor Conchita Wurst reveals HIV diagnosis

Eurovision victor Conchita Wurst reveals HIV diagnosis

Eurovision victor Conchita Wurst reveals HIV diagnosis

The 29-year-old added: "Coming out is better than being outed by third".

With this post, Tom hopes to build courage and "take another step against the stigmatization of people who have become infected by HIV". To my fans: the information about my HIV-status may be new to you - [but nothing about me has changed]!

Speaking on American breakfast show Today, the Two and a Half Men actor said: "I'm here to admit that I am in fact HIV-positive".

"Since I received the diagnosis, I am in medical treatment, and for many years without interruption under the detection limit, so that so not able to pass on the virus". I'm happy and healthy, and I'm stronger, more motivated and liberated than ever.

Conchita added a PD to her fans at the end of the post, in which she claimed that she understood that the information about her HIV status might be new to them.

Wurst, a drag queen who rose to global prominence when she won the popular European singing competition the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, wrote on her Instagram profile she has been "HIV positive for many years".

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Wurst has been supported by HIV groups, who hit out at the attempts to expose the star's HIV status.

Ian Green, the chief executive of AIDS charity The Terrence Higgins Trust, said it was a shame that she'd been forced to go public after an ex-partner has threatened her.

"Threatening to reveal someone's HIV status, under any circumstances, is entirely wrong". The pop singer explained that she felt the need of stating the truth of her condition since she was being blackmailed. "And we know this isn't something which only happens to those in the public eye".

Conchita Wurst announced on Instagram that she's HIV positive and chose to open up about her status under an alleged threat from an ex-boyfriend. According to AVERT, having an undetectable viral load means a person living with HIV has such little quantities of the virus in their blood that it can not be detected using a standard blood test. If levels of the virus are under the threshold of detection in a person living with HIV, AVERT notes that means the person can not pass the virus along to others.

"Conchita has done so much good since winning Eurovision four years ago, and has shown her strength of character once again in her handling of this situation".

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