Gov. Cuomo gives NY parolees right to vote

Cuomo grants parolees the right to vote

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The Republican-controlled New York State Senate has rejected Cuomo's efforts for criminal reform, according to the Times. He said her campaign seems to be focused very much downstate in the city, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley.

She said: "I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with celebrity in politics". Azzopardi called the executive order a "narrow use of power".

Speaking to Al Sharpton's "National Action Network" conference in Manhattan, N.Y., Governor Andrew Cuomo ripped the Trump administration and questioned the intensity of the pro-Trump vote.

Restores Right to Vote After Release from Incarceration.

Criminal justice reform advocates hailed the move.

Last week, the Working Families Party endorsed Cynthia Nixon for governor, breaking ranks from current New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The governor said the measure had failed in the Legislature earlier this year but he is "unwilling to take no for an answer". We don't buy the governor's new song-and-dance routine.

The governor issued the directive on Wednesday, adding NY to a list of 14 states and the District of Columbia that allow people to vote once they have served their sentence.

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Republicans assailed the order as a gross overreach of executive authority.

"It circumvents the law", Flanagan told reporters at the state Capitol. But, after completing their sentence, the right is restored. People on probation never lose the right to vote, but many county election officials are unclear about the distinction between those on parole and those on probation, often resulting in illegal disenfranchisement.

He singled out Herman Bell, a cop killer who was recently granted parole - as did Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro, the front-runner for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, who accused Cuomo of being a dictator. Newly convicted felons will be "given the consideration of a pardon that will restore voting rights without undue delay", per a draft of the executive order.

Then she added, "I also have to say, if I was given a choice, I would rather be the good Nixon than the bad Cuomo". "This is a radical, and I mean radical, departure from the way legislation should be enacted".

His office said preventing parolees from voting disproportionately affects African-American and Hispanic New Yorkers - who make up 71 percent of parolees.

Four years ago, people voting on the WFP line for governor could vote for Cuomo, who got their votes no matter which line they chose.

Barone said he has talked to clients who were unaware they were in jeopardy of losing their voting rights.

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