Flight 1380 Pilot Deeply Motivated by Christian Faith

US FAA to order inspections of jet engines after Southwest blast

Flight 1380 Pilot Deeply Motivated by Christian Faith

The airline voluntarily announced inspections of engines in the CFM56 family - which powers almost all of Southwest's fleet - on Tuesday, after a passenger died when she was partially sucked out of an aircraft window that had been shattered in by the engine blast. The left engine had exploded at 32,000ft, sending shrapnel smashing through a window.

After the emergency landing, Shults personally spoke to nearly all passengers, who described her as acting calm and collected.

Southwest has sent a letter of apology, a $5,000 check and a $1,000 travel voucher to passengers who were on a flight that made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after an engine exploded.

"Everybody is talking about Tammie Jo and how cool and calm she was in a crisis, and that's just Tammie Jo", Rachel Russo, who attends church with Shults, said.

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said the family of the victim was the airline's primary concern. She continued to explain that it was so loud, you couldn't hear anything or breathe.

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"Our hearts are heavy", the statement continued. Once, when she attended a lecture about aviation given by a retired colonel during a career day, the speaker asked if she was lost because she was the only woman present.

"When you pull those g's, you can actually feel your organs slamming on the inside of your ribs", Phillips said. "I mustered up the courage to assure him I was not and that I was interested in flying". That lady, I applaud her.

'It happens that there are disagreements about the right way to go in some cases, and this was one of them, ' the person familiar with the discussions said. "That's the way the system works, and I respect that". According to ABC News, she was trained at a time when female pilots were not allowed to fly with combat units.

During her service, she would also meet her husband, Dean Shults, a fellow pilot. "In VAQ-34, gender doesn't matter there's no advantage or disadvantage", she said.

Before Shults became a commercial pilot, she was an accomplished U.S. Navy pilot, earning her wings right here in South Texas - specifically at the former Naval Air Station-Chase Field in Beeville.

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