Experts predict first round of NFL Draft 2018

Experts predict first round of NFL Draft 2018

Experts predict first round of NFL Draft 2018

McShay added that the Giants' decision is between Barkley and USC quarterback Sam Darnold, the only player with a higher mock-draft index than Barkley. Dave Gettleman, the Giants' GM, spent more than 20 minutes last week discussing draft philosophy and psychology while showing none of his cards.

Will Goff live up to the test of time as worth the No. 1 pick? As for another top quarterback, Rosen, "I would probably sell the tractor and some yard tools for Rosen, and that would be the difference there".

There's no guarantee the Vikings final number of draftees will stay at eight through the three-day process - General Manager Rick Spielman has garnered a reputation for wheeling-and-dealing during the draft, having accrued at least nine picks in five of the past six years.

Yet, I still empathize with current team presidents and GMs as they watch talented players come off the board prior to their selections.

Four quarterbacks have been selected with the No.1 overall pick in the last seven drafts, and all of them have achieved some level of success in the NFL.

We don't have long to wait before we find out where these players go, as the first round of the draft takes place on Thursday night in Dallas. He's much more likely to go to one of the NY teams at No.2 or No.3 overall.

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While much has been made about Josh Allen going first overall, my gut says that the Browns will stick with the safer, more refined option in Darnold.

"A very, very, well-connected National Football League executive (who has connections to the Browns organization) said to me, 'Hey, Baker Mayfield ... is square in the conversation to become the No. 1 overall pick, ' " Schefter said Tuesday morning on ESPN's "Get Up", via Business Insider. And despite comparisons to former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, Mayfield may have an actual shot at being the best quarterback among this class' "Big 4" at the position. The riskiest of that tier are who will be left if the Browns take the trade all the way down to No. 12.

It's imperative that the Giants draft a stud with the second pick after coming off a 3-13 season, especially since they don't figure to pick this high in the draft anytime soon. Arizona has the 15th overall, so perhaps the Cardinals could make the move with that pick and a couple of second-round choices, to start.

No surprises here as the Browns select their quarterback of the future with the player they've been connected to for months now.

"There's really no need to get it out now", Esch said.

The Browns are notorious for their draft busts and drafting Mayfield too early would do nothing to silence the critics and console their fans.

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