Deadpool is Celine Dion's next big Titanic moment

Happy little three Some die-hards even came dressed as the Marvel superhero one in particular going all out as Bob Ross Deadpool from one of the many hilarious trailers

Ryan Reynolds shares Celine Dion's new 'Deadpool 2' single: "You're at an 11, you need to be at a 5"

Like only the legend can, Dion belts out her song, "Ashes" in the clip, but it features someone, who's now becoming an icon in his own right - Deadpool.

In a new interview, Ryan Reynolds brought up the aforementioned Disney joke, but he did not divulge any specifics. Reynolds called removing the joke a "wise decision", but this censorship maybe sets a unsafe precedent for when Disney inevitably owns 75 percent of the world's corporations.

The official VEVO channel for Céline Dion has released the music video of her performing the track, "Ashes", from the Deadpool 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Of course, that's not to say that Reynolds is completely dismissing the idea of Deadpool 3.

Celine Dion has found a worthy new collaborator in.

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As for whether Disney plans to shake up the winning Deadpool formula, Reynolds says, "I really genuinely don't know a thing about it".

Dion and Deadpool, forget Infinity War, THIS is the most ambitious crossover of all time.

"Listen, this thing only goes to 11", Dion rebounds. Despite Reynolds' passion for the project, 20th Century Fox was unwilling to pursue an R-rated superhero movie true to the spirit of the original comics, until test-footage was leaked online and went viral.

"X-Force is generally made up of people who are very morally flexible, they're the guys who do the work the X-Men wouldn't or couldn't do". So much so that he credited Lively with helping overcome his anxiety while working on the first Deadpool. It's too good. This is 'Deadpool 2, ' not 'Titanic.' You're at like an 11.

Over the years, some incredible musicians have contributed songs to various Marvel soundtracks, but the most surprising - and recent - addition to that lineup is, without a doubt, Celine Dion. (Or at least a body double does during the dramatic interpretative dance.) It's ridiculous, it's awesome, and I'll probably watch Deadpool 2 at least twice in theaters.

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