Trump speaks with Britain's May on Iran, North Korea

North Korea is unhappy over remark it was forced into talks by United States pressure, warning Washington the comment could return the peninsula to "square one".

"The distribution of leaflets toward North Korea directly violates the spirit of agreement of the Panmunjom Declaration agreed by the South and North Korean leaders for the peace and prosperity of the Korean peninsula", the Ministry of Unification said Friday, ordering activists to "immediately" suspend their operations.

Trump thanked Merkel for her leadership in the campaign of maximum pressure on the North Korean regime, which has helped to reach "this important step". The SWP demands the US government "sign a peace treaty ending the murderous war the USA imperialist rulers inflicted on the Korean people" and get its "troops, ships, planes, and missile and radar systems out of Korea!"

Japan will host a summit with Li and South Korea's President Moon Jae-in in Tokyo on Wednesday to discuss regional issues, where North Korea had been expected to be high on the agenda. It remains unclear if Kim has relaxed that demand as he turns to diplomacy with adversaries after a year of escalating tensions. Some 28,500 US forces are based there, a military presence that has been preserved since the Korean War ended in 1953 without a peace treaty.

The White House, meanwhile, has announced a separate meeting between Mr Trump and Mr Moon at the White House on May 22 to "continue their close co-ordination on developments regarding the Korean Peninsula".

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She said the government is developing an island called Bhashanchar to give temporary shelter to 100,000 Rohingyas. This was the council's first visit to Southeast Asia since ambassadors visited East Timor in 2012.

The press release accredited to the DPRK mission to the United Nations is somewhat of a rarity: while it has attributed statements to itself in the last two years, the majority of the mission's press releases are typically reposted dispatches previously published by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). President Trump has said that removing those troops that act as a deterrent to North Korea is "not on the table", but there have been reports that Trump has asked the Pentagon to create plans for doing just that. Trump has also mentioned Singapore as a possible meeting place.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un promised to sync his country's time zone with the South's during his April 27 talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

"Kim said during the summit... that he would carry out the closing of the nuclear test site in May", Moon's spokesman told reporters.

President Trump on Thursday hinted at the possibility of the release of three American hostages, who were detained in North Korea.

North Korea pushed back its standard time by 30 minutes in August 2015, claiming the move was aimed at removing the vestige of Japan's 1910-45 colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula. It is this historical background that makes Trump's seemingly spontaneous decision on March 8 to meet Kim so astonishing - it reverses decades of American policy.

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