Destiny 2 Expansion II

Destiny 2 Expansion II

Destiny 2 Expansion II

Players looking for a new "Destiny 2" experience should check out the endgame activity called Escalation Protocol. The main plot of Destiny 2 Warmind revolves around Warmind Rasputin, who has just woken up on the Red Planet with an entire army of Hive at disposal.

Bungie, Vicarious Visions and Activision have announced that Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind is now available. However, you'll need to get those Codes first. Will you be playing this new content?

Take note that you don't actually have to purchase Warmind in order to have reason to check in on Destiny 2.

What players want to see is the new Raid, together with the improved endgame activity.

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Strikes - Three-player cooperative matchmade missions in Destiny 2. In addition, maps from Curse of Osiris and Warmind can be enjoyed by everyone in matchmade Crucible playlists. Destiny 2 features a detailed roadmap of its content plans that extends into the late summer now, with no information regarding the expansion in the fall as of yet. Overall, this is the healthiest update that balances many essential and beloved weapons, inscribing them with a huge potential to become player's favorite. You will, however, have to own the DLC if you intend to play the maps in private matches. The exotic update also comes for free, so you do not need to own season pass nor Warmind, but the core game.

Players are reporting not being able to access their latest purchase, even though it has been installed on their console. I'll see you guys on Mars, for a few rounds of Escalation Protocol.

New themed weapons, armor, and gear to earn: Destination themed armor with matching weapons, brand new and reprised exotics, and a powerful key moment relic will round out player arsenals. Called "Spire of Stars", players can fearless the new gauntlet for better loot when it goes live on May 11th. This is the last Lair to be added for Leviathan, and as before, it introduces new scenarios, bosses, and gear.

Also, according to reports, "Insight Terminus" is the name of the Strike and takes place on Nessus.

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