FDA says Mylan's EpiPen is in shortage

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FDA says Mylan's EpiPen is in shortage

An FDA spokesperson told media outlets that the agency anticipates the EpiPen shortage to be short-term. "You can.draw up a little bit to give to the patient to take home until they get their prescription".

EpiPen autoinjectors deliver a dose of epinephrine in the event of severe allergic reaction, such as to bee stings or exposure to peanuts.

"We checked again today to see if we could get more and they are on back order again", says pharmacist, John Forbes.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared a nationwide shortage of an injectable drug that prevents life-threatening allergic reactions.

Mylan said it is receiving "continual" supply from Pfizer unit Meridian Medical Technologies, which produces all EpiPens sold globally at a single plant near St. Louis.

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In a statement released Wednesday, Mylan said it is now receiving continual supply from its manufacturing partner and is expediting shipments to wholesales upon receipt. The company didn't immediately respond to follow-up questions about how much product it was shipping, or if it had resolved issues related to the FDA warnings about manufacturing issues.

EpiPen supply constraints have been reported in Canada and Britain due to manufacturing issues.

"It;s of serious concern because a lot of times these are lifesaving medications people need them right now".

The drugmaker told investors it was still on track for product launches this year including the generic version of asthma drug Advair. Pfizer manufactures both the branded and authorized generic versions and Mylan is the distributor. Adjusted earnings-per-share were 96 cents, above the FactSet consensus of 95 cents. "This will include a list of epinephrine auto-injector products that are available from other manufacturers as well as contact information for consumers and health care providers", Smith Dyer said.

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