French President Emmanuel Macron for broader Iran deal

Axelrod Leaving Iran deal 'unmitigated disaster'

French President Emmanuel Macron for broader Iran deal

Politicians in Iran have set a USA flag ablaze in parliament and shouted "Death to America" after Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal. Trump's announcement from the White House marked potentially the worst-case scenario for the relative moderate, as the country's economy continues to reel despite the deal and may further worsen. "Or do we work round what we have got and push back on Iran together?" "But we are certainly not naïve when it comes to Iran", he said.

On Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: "I have ordered the foreign ministry to negotiate with the European countries, China and Russian Federation in the coming weeks".

He added that European powers would "try to preserve" the economic benefits Iran has gained from the lifting of sanctions under the deal.

"If needed, we will resume our nuclear enrichment at the industrial level without any limit", Mr Rouhani said.

Mr Burt sought to play down suggestions that the U.S. was ready to launch an attack on Iran - possibly using "proxies" such as the Israelis or the Saudis, who also remain highly suspicious of Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

"What if the Iranians do rush for a nuclear weapon?".

The Israeli army said on Tuesday it had asked authorities in the occupied Golan Heights to open and prepare missile shelters over "irregular activity by Iranian forces in Syria", across the demarcation line.

As promised, President Donald Trump ended USA involvement in the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump's demands and his warning that Iranians deserve better than their current "dictatorship" will fuel suspicions that his ultimate goal is regime change. The U.S. Treasury said curbs will kick in after 90 days in some areas, and 180 days in others. Leaders of Britain, France and Germany released a statement after the decision expressing concern and their continued commitment to the JCPOA.

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Russian Federation meanwhile said the deal was "new confirmation of Washington's incompetence", and underscored that the USA, not Iran, is now technically in violation of the deal. He said previous year that it should be torn up if Washington pulled out.

Foreign ministers of the European countries involved in the Iran nuclear deal will hold a meeting with Iranian representatives to discuss the future of the agreement. "We are ready and have a plan for managing. under any circumstance".

Iranian engineers and scientists would likely need at least a year to assemble a workable nuclear device and ideal a ballistic missile system to deliver it, but again, they have the know-how to get there if they are given orders to do so.

Russian Federation said it was "deeply disappointed" by the president's decision, saying it was "extremely concerned" that the U.S. was acting in its own "narrow" and "opportunistic" interests and "grossly violating the norms of global law". Iran has always denied seeking a nuclear weapon, insisting its atomic programme was for civilian purposes.

He said Mr Trump's decision to withdraw is "misguided", especially because Iran has been complying.

But the long term impact for USA foreign policy and for the Middle East was less clear.

Former CIA director John Brennan said Trump's move "gave North Korea more reason to keep its nukes".

Denmark's foreign minister said he recognised those concerns.

Speaker of the Iranian Parliament (Majles) Ali Larijani characterized President Trump's speech as "a political show" and said his words were "uncalculated and vulgar".

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