Liquid chocolate spills onto Polish highway

A tractor-trailer carrying liquid chocolate has overturned on a Polish A2 highway in central Poland 09 May 2018

Liquid chocolate spills onto Polish highway

The truck, carrying a shipment of liquid chocolate, overturned on a highway in Poland, spreading six lanes with a sugary sludge.

It is not clear why the tanker overturned, police told local news network TVN24.

"The cooling chocolate is worse than snow", said Slupca fire brigade senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski. The ruptured tank spewed a pool of rapidly-hardening chocolate from both ends, which quickly covered the width of the road.

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A cleaning crew armed with shovels, an excavator and hot water pressure washers have begun chipping away at the chocolate that turned rock solid in the open air.

In some areas, the chocolate was so thick that heavy machinery was brought in to scoop up the mess. The auto lurched, the tank's contents spilled out onto the road, and the driver was hospitalized with a broken arm.

A firefighter attending the scene told TVN24 that chocolate is a more risky hazard than snow on a road.

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