Abe welcomes decision on US-N.Korea summit

Japan-US summit being arranged on sidelines of G7

Abe welcomes decision on US-N.Korea summit

We looked them straight in the eye and they said to us verbatim, 'God bless America. "When I make promises, I keep them", Trump said in his speech at the White House that day.

Mr Trump thanked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for their release and sounded upbeat on a planned summit between the two sides. "This is a good choice", said Mintaro Oba, a former state department official who worked on Korean negotiations.

"Kim Jong Un is a lot like Trump because he's bold and engaging in personal diplomacy", Fields said.

Trump agreed to meet with Kim in a surprise move after the reclusive leader expressed a willingness to discuss denuclearization.

Analysts have also said that, over the years, North Korea has demanded the withdrawal of US troops from South Korea and the eliminating of the nuclear defense umbrella that covers the Korean Peninsula. Following Pompeo's visit, Trump announced Wednesday that North Korea had agreed to release three USA citizens being detained there.

Trump's announcement came just hours after three Americans who had been held prisoner in North Korea arrived at a United States military base outside Washington, having been released by Kim.

Kim said the summit would be an "excellent first step toward promotion of the positive situation development in the Korean peninsula and building of a good future", KCNA said in a report about Pompeo's visit. Though tensions have eased recently, it was just months ago that fears of war were running high in the region.

"Singapore has been a great friend to the USA but also Singapore has carefully worked to be a friend to all, which has earned it trust in capitals around the world", he said.

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So far, USA officials have sought mostly to spell out what the summit won't be.

"It demonstrates how space data can complement a global seismic network for monitoring clandestine nuclear tests - and it provides information about the test site relevant for North and South Korea peace talks".

After meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Pompeo crossed his fingers when asked by U.S. reporters whether the three men would be released from the hotel they had recently been transferred to.

Warmbier was arrested by North Korean authorities in January 2016, accused of stealing a propaganda poster and sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labor.

So far, the North Korean regime has made vague pledges to "denuclearize" but not said spelled out what that means, when it would happen or how it would be implemented.

Speaking to reporters, Pompeo said his meetings in Pyongyang were "very productive". Pulling off a real deal with North Korea will require attributes Trump hasn't shown - ruthless preparation, extreme caution and skepticism, an eye for detail. It didn't say what specific criminal acts Kim was alleged to have committed.

Trump told one confidant that he now believes a deal with North Korea, rather than in the Middle East, could be his historic victory.

On the USA relationship with North Korea, Trump declared, "We're starting off on a new footing".

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