'Black dot' iOS bug causing iPhone to freeze and crash

'Black dot' iOS bug causing iPhone to freeze and crash

'Black dot' iOS bug causing iPhone to freeze and crash

It's not actually the black dot that's suspect, however.

And because it affects Apple's iOS software, it may impact a number of devices, including the iPhone, iPad and possibly even the Apple Watch or Apple TV, according to9to5Mac. It has now spread to iOS devices as well and almost all iPhones and iPads running on iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4 beta has been affected. A video shows its existence on the iPhone X. Last year, iOS came in the headlines for a similar bug that triggered with a three symbol rainbow message.

A message that was doing the rounds on WhatsApp has been causing the app of certain WhatsApp users to freeze and not respond. As per the reports, the older the phone, the more it is being affected by the bug.

When a user tries to read the malicious text, their phone will be paralyzed with just a white screen.

On iOS, WhatsApp now allows you play Facebook and Instagram video within the app. Let's see how soon Apple will release a firmware update to fix this crashing issue.

Mail Online has reached out to Apple for comment.

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When you head over to the search screen looking for a message, there will be three options as mentioned above and when you choose them, your message will be searched only in the particular category, making it easier to find.

For those of you who do not have a 3D Touch functionality built in, you can simply follow the steps provided below.

Then, open iMessage and return to the conversation list, where you can manually remove the thread. However, while the WhatsApp message is relatively harmless, the black dot wreaking havoc on iPhones and iPads is a bit more challenging to deal with.

It is being spread by messages sent via the popular app and comes in two varieties. Essentially, you should try to get to the conversation list by any means so the you can delete the conversation that contains the bug.

Furthermore, it's not only the iPhones but the script has reportedly infected the macOS, as opening the message causes the system's memory consumption to shoot.

An urgent warning has been issued over a WhatsApp message which could destroy your phone.


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