Fortnite: A possible scapegoat for Red Sox pitcher David Price's injury

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He then missed his next start against the Yankees due to what was reported as a mild case of carpal tunnel causing numbness in his hand.

"My allergies were destroying me", Price told after Sunday's game.

Like seemingly everyone, the Boston Red Sox play a lot of Fortnite. From what I know, David has played video games his whole life. It seems like Fortnite now is the one everybody's playing, but past year I saw a lot of guys playing Federation Internationale de Football Association. The manager added, "I know everyone is questioning the bullpen and the bullpen, but that's what happened".

"When he comes here tomorrow, we'll talk about it", Cora said.

Cora is right in saying that lots of teams play Fortnite.

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And if Red Sox fans weren't already disgusted enough with their $30 million per year "ace", the reason Price gave for his bullpen session being cut short last week probably won't help. However, after a poor performance in his first year of the contract, both management and the Boston media have started to put the pressure on their star pitcher, looking for any way out of his albatross of a contract.

While the direct cause of Price's carpal tunnel is not known, some speculated whether his habit of playing video games contributed to the syndrome after he admitted to playing Fortnite up to three hours a day. If he's playing on PS4 and Xbox One, you don't make the repetitively stressful motions made on a keyboard. Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Joel Zumaya infamously got injured during a 2006 playoff run by strumming too hard and too much playing Guitar Hero.

So how did we get the point where an Major League Baseball all-star had to clarify that he did not injure himself playing video games? A new piece from Jen McCaffrey at The Athletic shines a light on just how popular the game is among the team. "Carson kind of takes over every game".

For now, Price looks to have possibly avoided a long-term injury.

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