BioWare Wants to Solve the Problem of Multiplayer Storytelling in 'Anthem'

BioWare Wants to Solve the Problem of Multiplayer Storytelling in 'Anthem'

BioWare Wants to Solve the Problem of Multiplayer Storytelling in 'Anthem'

"Later in the fiscal year, we will launch our stunning and ambitious new IP, Anthem".

For more on Anthem, here's everything we know on the game.

Interesting stuff, and we'd love nothing more for Anthem to feature both compelling co-operative action in addition to the high quality story-stuff we've come to expect from BioWare.

Considering EA learned a tough lesson over Battlefront II's lootboxes and progression system, it's only natural the publisher wants to get things right from the start.

As Gamespot noted, the way Wilson put it seems to suggest that he is not just referring to the early play access that is granted to EA/Origin Access subscribers, especially since that means that players would only be able to provide feedback from five days' worth of checking out the game. The opening of the Jarra's Wrath box really underlined this point.

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I talked last time about Anthem being "a story you can experience with friends". The game EA shows off next month at EA Play may not exhibit the same hints and microtransaction clues shown previous year. But for those who are more interested in going about things on their own, the game will also be playable solo.

Bioware is known for their single-player games with a strong narrative, fantastic characters and a world that fans can get lost in.

Anthem, the upcoming Destiny-esque sci-fi behemoth from Mass Effect developer BioWare, will be released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in March 2019, publisher Electronic Arts has said.

EA is a "learning company" after all. In it, he presents the new mission statement by which all games will be developed. A brand new idea combining the latest tech and a vision for something extraordinary. Of course, this leaves BioWare no more than 10 months to wrap up development and polish the game.

"Looking forward, we will continue our aggressive pace of innovation through experiences that capitalize on our technology, network and creativity". BioWare has teams at work envisioning future games, and they're designing approaches different from Anthem "including one that's very Dragon Age". "We're very excited about the game".

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