Boston Dynamics' robots are conquering the indoors and outdoors

In the future Atlas will probably just vaporise the log or something

In the future Atlas will probably just vaporise the log or something

The video posted on YouTube shows Boston Dynamics' humanoid robot Atlas running across different types of terrain, from open land to gentle slopes - and nothing can slow him down. Atlas last year achieved the ability to backflip last year in November, and in a few months' time it has turned into a pro jogger.

According to the Boston Dynamics website, Atlas is part of a line of "advanced humanoid robots" being developed by the company, which started as a spinoff from MIT.

Atlas has come a long way from the robot that slowly trudged through a snow back in 2016.

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Boston Dynamics says the robot is manually driven through the space to build a map using visual data from front-facing camera. The robot is seen running through a course and navigating stairs.

"During the autonomous run, SpotMini uses data from the cameras to localize itself in the map and to detect and avoid obstacles", the Boston Dynamics team wrote in the video's caption.

SpotMini navigates indoors and outdoors, completing the route in just over six minutes. The company has also shown a robot able to open doors.

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