Arsene Wenger warns Tottenham they may have to sell stars

Massimiliano Allegri sends message to Arsenal after winning Serie A with Juventus

Massimiliano Allegri expects to stay at Juventus for another year

Former Arsenal captain Gilberto Silva said it will be hard to replace Arsene Wenger as the long-serving manager's 22-year reign comes to an end.

Another one of its knock-on effects would be a reduction in the number of teams in the English top flight.

"We had to do it", Wenger said."There is no club that can turn people who wanted to attend the game down".

The Telegraph report that "secret meetings" between league executives have taken place over the years to push the agenda of a "super league", but the notion is a controversial one in England, where the Premier League reigns supreme.

"Taking Arsenal to a different level from all this year, dedicating his life and not only his job, time at the club but all his life for this unbelievable club and he's the kind of person that will be missed in football but I hope he is still somehow in the game".

"A domestic league will certainly play Tuesday-Wednesday".

"You will have a European League played at weekends because the Champions League doesn't sell well any more". While Allegri has flirted with leaving Turin this season and had said that Champions League participation was a dealbreaker, it looks that he may now relent on that.

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"But if you have Real Madrid v Barcelona, or Real Madrid v Arsenal, or Manchester United v Bayern Munich every week the audiences will be good".

"It is inevitable. Why?"

"It is inevitable because sharing the money between big clubs and the small clubs will become more of a problem".

What may encourage players at Tottenham to seek out other clubs is the wage structure at the club, as Chairman Daniel Levy refuses to pay any player more than £100,000 per week, which is significantly less than other wage structures at other elite clubs Europe.

"We live in a society where people want quick change and that has changed in recent years". Even with my experience, when it was 1-0 in the second half [of the first leg] I never thought it would finish 1-1. But you reluctantly take those, because it makes the joyous times so much sweeter. "But it will be smaller if it goes to Europe".

The Frenchman was at the helm when Arsenal swapped the historic Highbury for the £390-million Emirates Stadium in 2006.

"I enjoyed some aspects of it, yes - and not all", he said.

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