Chinese, Japanese trade ministers pledge to enhance cooperation, support free trade

Moon Support from China Japan Essential on Road to Peace on Peninsula

Chinese, Japanese trade ministers pledge to enhance cooperation, support free trade

President Moon Jae-in has said the support and cooperation of China and Japan are essential on the road to establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Abe welcomed Li's remarks on bilateral ties, while calling for more coordination and less competition between the two East Asian nations.

But the past year has seen something of a rapprochement between the two, including the first phone call between Abe and Xi earlier this month.

The two leaders were meeting in Tokyo during three-way talks also including Japan.

A new chance has emerged for the improvement and development of bilateral relations, Li said, urging the two neighbors to take new steps for their ties to progress and to bolster the confidence of the two peoples and of the entire global community in the development of China-Japan relationship.

Meanwhile, according to the report of Chinese state radio, Li had also spoken to Moon about the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System now installed in Seoul and said that he hopes the issue will be handled appropriately.

They also agreed to push for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

"There is a danger of a new arrangement in their region in which both Japan and China have an interest without their full participation".

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Emperor Akihito, who took the throne in 1989, visited China in October 1992 with Empress Michiko as the first emperor to do so. "Around 20 projects were approved by both countries", Li said.

Mr Li also announced that China would present Japan with a pair of endangered crested ibises.

University lecturer Kuriyama hopes that outstanding differences between the two won't dictate future relations.

"The overall strategic points haven't really changed".

"As Japanese enterprises are suffering a dwindling domestic market, the Chinese market is all the more important to them", it said, citing products like industrial robots sold well in China are where Japan enjoys an advantage. China is also willing to make the next trilateral trade ministers' meeting a success as host of the meeting.

Relations between Asia's two largest economic powers reached a new low in 2012, when Tokyo brought the Diaoyu Islands under state control, prompting a diplomatic stand-off and anti-Japanese demonstrations in China.

"I think the relationship between the two will sort of warm and cool overtime, year by year, but it's unlikely to move outside a spectrum of mutual wariness", Mitter said.

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