In Australia, there was the most bloody murder in 22 years

Major Crime officers are en route to the crime scene

Major Crime officers are en route to the crime scene

Katrina Miles and her 4 youngsters have been discovered lifeless in a farmhouse in rural Western AustraliaFbWhat occurred in Osmington?

"We are treating this as a matter in which clearly six persons are the subject of a homicide crime scene".

Forensic police at the property in Osmington where seven people were found shot dead.

"We try and get back to business as normal, the community will certainly be endeavouring to do that, and I guess as time goes on you talk a little less about it".

"They were a very socially aware family, doing their best to create a safe community, and that is why it is so shocking", she said.

Police investigate the death of seven people in a suspected murder-suicide in Osmington, near Perth, Australia.

Police spokesman Chris Dawson assumes that all of the victims lived in the house in which they were found.

Asked if the two-minute emergency call made from the property at 5.15am on Friday was the reason police were so quickly able to rule out a gunman was on the loose, Mr Dawson said: "That's not for me to expand on now".

The last of the children's bodies have now been removed from the crime scene and funeral plans are underway as the children of Margaret River return to school today. It has a handful of farms, vineyards and stud farms.

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Police have revealed few details about the recent killings, and it is not clear whether there was more than one shooter.

Mr Miles and his wife Cynda were also found dead at the property.

He purchased the 30-acre farm in late 2014 alongside along with his spouse Cynda. I think he's been thinking this through for a long time.

WA Premier Mark McGowan visited Margaret River, a tourist hotspot famed for its surf breaks and wine, on Sunday to commiserate with the close-knit community, which had "endured the unendurable". Police initially said that two people were found outside.

"I wanted someone nearby to check my property twice a week, or so".

"I'm not going to put a timeframe on that", Mr Dawson said.

"We know that the members of this family were deeply connected to the town of Margaret River". "My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims, and also with the first responders and investigators as they piece together this tragic set of circumstances".

"It's not some random guy off the street who's taken them away from me - he gave them to me and now he's taken them away", the father said according to 7 News. "There was just a lot of love in that family". But I don't want anyone to feel angry.

"Margaret River is one of the more famous parts of Western Australia, and it's sad now outside our great state, and internationally, it will be associated with this tragedy". The other five, a woman and the children, were found in a converted shed structure, Dawson said.

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