Lost asteroid to fly between moon and Earth tonight

2010 WC9 Asteroid Will Whiz Close To Earth On May 15th

Lost asteroid to fly between moon and Earth tonight

Pacific Standard Time: 3:15 p.m.

The asteroid measures between 197 and 427 feet in diameter - longer than a football field - and travels at speeds of 28,655 miles per hour, according to EarthSky.

Nearly eight years later, on May 8, astronomers managed to track down the asteroid, and after close observations they concluded it was 2010 WC9 that had returned.

The planet, called 2010 WC9, wased initially spotted on November 30, 2010, by the Catalina Skies Study in Arizona.

The stone has finished its orbit and returns to Earth eight decades later.

"The 2010 Asteroid WC9 will safely pass half the moon's distance on Tuesday, May 15, 2018".

New observations from May 8th onwards allowed us to better establish the trajectory of the space rock and it has been revealed shows that it would be whizzing between the Earth and the Moon on Tuesday, May 15th.

With 2010 WC9 perhaps larger compared to the Chelyabinsk meteor, does it existing any type of considerable risk to Earth?

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Astronomers managed to keep an eye on the asteroid only until December 1, when 2010 WC9 became too faint to observe. Although there is no risk of impact, this is one of the closest approaches of a space rock of that size. After it was recently reported that our planet will be hit by an asteroid so big that it will wipe out most forms of life, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has now reported that a massive asteroid will have a near-Earth encounter on May 15.

Even if 2010 WC9's actual size were close to the maximum estimate, the space rock wouldn't pose an existential threat to humanity; only space rocks about 0.6 miles (1 km) wide or larger are potential civilization-enders, NASA researchers have said.

Asteroid 2010 WC9 was "lost" and then found.

The asteroid of 18 magnitudes is fainting and now at +15 mag. Experts suggest it might get as bright as +11 mag when it closely passes from the Earth.

Talking about the asteroid Guy Wells of the observatory said, "The broadcast will last less than 25 minutes, since the asteroid will cross our field of view during this time period". But, persons wishing to see the asteroid can tune in to Slooh, the astronomy broadcasting service beginning at 4 pm Alaska time.

If you don't have access to a small telescope of your own, you'll be able to watch the asteroid anyway thanks to a livestream from Northholt Branch Observatories.

"The asteroid will be moving quite rapidly (30 arc seconds per minute)".

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