USA vows to provide security assurance to N.Korea's Kim

USA vows to provide security assurance to N.Korea's Kim

USA vows to provide security assurance to N.Korea's Kim

Mike Pompeo spoke on several Sunday morning talk shows and said that Washington will agree to lift sanctions on North Korea.

Pompeo met previously with Kim while Central Intelligence Agency director, flying secretly to North Korea over the Easter weekend to discuss the possibility of a summit meeting with Trump and negotiations over North Korea's nuclear program. North Korea is desperately in need of energy ... for their people. Shares of South Korea construction and railway firms have soared, and land prices are reportedly rising near the demilitarized zone border with the North in anticipation of increased cross-border business activities. Trump called the action "a very smart and gracious gesture!" on Twitter and told reporters that the process "is very important".

But if the summit fails, it could end in catastrophe, and that may be the point.

The spokesman said it was an expression of North Korea's willingness, not with a word but with an act, to keep on promise that Pyongyang made during the inter-Korean summit.

Washington is seeking the "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation" of the North and stresses that verification will be key.

The most unpredictable element of the entire affair is arguably the summit itself, as Trump has said that he "will walk out" of the meeting if it's "not fruitful", and it is not yet known what Kim expects in return for greater global cooperation. Instead, we can be sure the Chinese leaders leaned on Kim to stop testing his nukes, stop with his belligerent words, and agree to go to the table with representatives of the USA and South Korea.

This is what happened in April, following the North-South summit and Kim's pledge to seek a complete denuclearisation of the peninsula and a formal end to the Korean War. Following the visit, North Korea released three American citizens.

A major element of Kim's pivot toward diplomacy appears to be swaying public opinion.

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The announcement was immediately welcomed by US President Donald Trump.

Foreign investors might be interested in expanding North Korea's mineral exports, such as coal and iron.

Joshua Pollack, a North Korea expert and senior research associate at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, tweeted that the summit's "biggest problem" was "overinflated expectations".

For its part, Japan appears to have been left out of the global political maneuvering concerning North Korea.

"I think the implementation of this decision means getting rid of all the nuclear weapons, dismantling them, taking them to Oak Ridge", said Bolton.

"We can create conditions for real economic prosperity for the North Korean people that will rival that of the South", he added.

Skeptics, however, say Pyongyang may have ulterior motives for highlighting the site's demolition, pointing to past demonstrations where it carried out similar spectacles to show its commitment to deals it later reneged on.

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