Ryan Reynolds doesn't want his kids in 'crazy' show business

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Miller departed Deadpool 2 in early stages after reported clashes with Reynolds over the film's tone and budget.

While Cable and Deadpool aren't exactly fans of one another, actor James Brolin is definitely a fan of Ryan Reynolds, so much so that he owned up to having a man crush on the actor on The Tonight Show. "You're so old you make dust look like a baby". "Being tall, being handsome, being presentably attractive, I was surprised during our sex scene how small your penis was - and how big your balls were, which makes sense in how you create a tone in Deadpoolthat's as edgy as it is".

Still here? Great. There are roughly five post-credits scenes in Deadpool, though as they all flow into each other and crop up quite early on it's probably more accurate to say there's one long freewheeling mid-credits scene.

Saving this angry young brat from himself sees Deadpool confront a time-travelling, half-cyborg villain from the future (Josh Brolin). After years of trying to get the picture off the ground, Ryan Reynolds finally made our dreams come true-and the result was a sporadically amusing entry into the superhero movie canon.

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Sadly, Wade's other deceased X-Force teammates Bedlam, Vanisher, Shatterstar and Zeitgeist (played by Terry Crews, Brad Pitt, Lewis Tan and Bill Skarsgaard respectively) don't get the same treatment. "Deadpool 3" we'll see, I don't know. Deadpool happily brags about it in the new film, continuing his breaking-the-fourth-wall humor.

"Oh god, I don't feel well", he says, right as he starts evaporating. "I elected to just continue to scar her", he joked. "I don't know why you would put your kid in show business". "He may be a bit nutty, but at the core, he is still very much a good guy", Reynolds adds.

"Oh really, you think you can both stand and read jokes?" Speaking to EW, Wernick and Reese listed a few jokes that were removed from the first movie that include references to Shrek, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the first appearance of Deadpool, famously derided) and yet another joke made at the expense of Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds' first superhero movie, a failure on every level).

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