Data protection rules come into force across EU

Data protection rules come into force across EU

Data protection rules come into force across EU

If the law had gone into effect any earlier, Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal could have had even more dire consequences for the company.

It has been widely known that tech companies, like Facebook and Google, will be impacted by the law, but the law's reach extends far beyond the tech sector.

We've all received emails from companies asking to stay in touch with us for weeks now, but why is it happening?

The complaint against Facebook was filed with Austrian data regulators, Google with French regulators, WhatsApp with German regulators and Instagram with Belgian regulators as soon as the law went into effect at midnight. Another complaint worth €3.7 billion was filed with French data protection authority France CNIL in the case of Google's Android operating system for smartphones.

"To protect them, and meet our obligations, we want to make sure that all our patrons are aware of the new [GDPR] legislation".

Schrems has been fighting Facebook over data protection for nearly a decade.

The emails say they're related to GDPR, but what does that mean, and why are you getting so many of them this week?

The next battleground with the company is GDPR.

The companies are accused of forcing users to consent to targeted advertising to use the services. Similarly, Facebook is muttering about giving the same GDPR protections to some users outside the EU.

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NPR's website is requiring visitors in Europe to agree to its tracking policy before they can enter. It applies to any business that processes the information of anyone located in the EU.

The group also seeks to halt "annoying and obtrusive pop-ups which are used to claim a user's consent".

Blocked from viewing USA news outlets, overwhelmed by emails, Europeans shared memes and cheered. We have made our policies clearer, our privacy settings easier to find and introduced better tools for people to access, download, and delete their information.

In response to the changing laws in the European Union, many companies, like Facebook and Twitter, will extend these enhanced user protection policies to all users.

GDPR does not just affect European Union companies, it affects any company that stores and uses data from those 28 member countries' citizens, even if the business has no physical footprint in the country. The GDPR explicitly allows any data processing that is strictly necessary for the service - but using the data additionally for advertisement or to sell it on needs the users' free opt-in consent.

Facebook and Google, though, may have little to cheer about, now that they're sued for "forced consent" over new privacy rules.

Lawmakers in Brussels passed the new legislation in April 2016, and the full text of the regulation has been published online. He's taking legal action to ensure GDPR is properly enforced.

"Almost everything we do - keeping in touch with friends on social media, shopping online, exercising, driving, and even watching television - leaves a digital trail of personal data", said Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.

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