Here's why these birth control pills don't work and have been recalled



A recall is being issued for a form of birth control that could result in contraceptive failure.

Check your birth control, it might be under recall. Instead of placing the placebo pills at the end of the packet, they were placed at the beginning, so the first four days of treatment had inactive pills, rather than active ones, according to the company's statement. The brown placebo pills should be the last four of the pack.

The recall involves pills expiring in May 2019. The capsules were placed where the active pills should have been; if taken out of order, the user could experience an unintended pregnancy if other forms of contraception are not used.

The manufacturer is concerned that users of their contraceptive may not notice the reversed order, thereby increasing the possibility of an unintended pregnancy. Patients can contact Allergan at 800-678-1605. Women who have the affected lot number should should notify their physician to arrange a return.

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Allergan said it was made aware of the error by a physician.

Allergan is now notifying customers about the recall by letter, and arranging for the return of all recalled products. Allegan is notifying customers by recall letter and is arranging for return of all recalled sample pack product with the lot #5620706 Exp.

Patients with concerns about unintended pregnancy should consult their doctor, the company said.

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