YouTube tops teen social media, as Facebook fades

Our Social Media Accounts Are Driving Us Crazy

Our Social Media Accounts Are Driving Us Crazy

That's a significant drop from 2015, the past year Pew published a similar study, when Facebook was the most popular social platform among US teens.

"Depending on Facebook's continued evolution, as these teens grow older and go through different life events, they may again embrace Facebook", said LSA's Sterling.

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The Pew report noted that almost 750 teens were surveyed in one month earlier this year. "And at the same time, teens are more connected than ever", she continued.

- Teen internet use has some differences across race and gender.

But gender again plays a role in creating differences as to the usage of each platform.

"It's still by far the dominant social media platform", Sterling noted, "and Snapchat, which is one of the sites pulling teen users from Facebook, has always been dominated by younger users". Compared to 85 percent for YouTube, 72 percent for Instagram, and 69 percent for Snapchat, teen Facebook use is much lower. Almost half of teens believe social media use has a neutral impact, while 31 per cent said it has a positive impact and 24 per cent describe it as negative.

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Another insight from the study that emerged was that girls are more likely to use Snapchat, while boys mostly use YouTube.

The study also looked into how teens view the impact that social media has on their lives.

That's right they talk....cause teenagers. There has even been a sharper decline of teens who regarded the social networking media as their frequently used social platform, from forty-one percent in the year 2015 to ten percent at the present. For these teens, they no longer find Facebook as relevant. This may have also contributed to the rise in teens who say they're nearly constantly online.

In fact, most teens thought time limits for online protection that time limits and browser monitoring actually wasn't that helpful in terms of online protection. Of note, Pew found that 95-percent of teenagers own or use a smartphone.

The study's lead author, Monica Anderson said in a statement that the environment of social media has changed among the teens over the last 3 years.

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