Vienna to Host Possible Meeting Between Putin and Trump

Putin signs law on countermeasures against US & its allies

Mikhael Klimentyev Sputnik

"I don't know with what means the third world war will be conducted, but the fourth will be fought with stones and clubs", Putin said, paraphrasing Einstein, adding that a new global conflict would mean "the end of civilization".

Putin explained he has high hopes for the North Korea-U.S. summit and Russian Federation will also do its best for the meeting's success.

"It can't be otherwise, particularly after the tragic events in Libya and Iraq", Putin said.

Austria says it wants to act as a bridge between Russian Federation and the EU.

"It appears our partners thought that this would never affect them, this counterproductive politics of restrictions and sanctions". Nobody wanted to listen, and nobody did anything to stop this from developing.

One of the show's hosts responded, "They got what they deserved".

"Let's ask him. The Russian government has nothing to do with it", - said Putin.

"You need to find out who these officials are", Putin told Governor Sergey Zhvachkin after the head of the Tomsk region blamed a mother's problems obtaining land for her family on poorly informed officials.

The call-in show allows Mr Putin to give answers to issues like rising fuel prices, flooded homes or underfunded hospitals, while passing on the blame to his underlings.

The Kremlin leader said last month that his own proposed meeting with Mr Trump was not working out for now and was beset by problems.

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"We recognize that such powerful technology raises equally powerful questions about its use", he said in a blog post Thursday. Google released the guidelines soon after it said it would stop working with the military on the controversial Project Maven .

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This is Putin's first live televised show since he was re-elected in March for a term of office that runs until 2024.

After displaying small interest in religion for much of his life, Putin recently has sought to buttress his rule by linking it to the Russian Orthodox Church.

According to Russian state news agency TASS, Putin told Chinese reporters on Wednesday that his government would work to negotiate jointly with USA and North Korean officials, and suggested that the global community agree to help North Korea's economic development in exchange for denuclearization. "This in my view is very important - at this level a mutual respect has to exist in all circumstances, and a personal relationship can become a tool for solving worldwide issues", said the Russian President.

In an interview with Austria's ORF television channel on the eve of his trip, Putin was asked if his trip was "a kind of incentive for a benevolent policy toward Russia" by the Austrian government.

Meantime, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is heading to Washington to try to make sure Trump doesn't overlook Japan's security and other concerns at the unprecedented U.S.

Addressing the economy early on, Putin argued that Russia's finances were "on the right path" and re-emphasized campaign calls that - despite western sanctions - Russian Federation was poised for "breakthroughs" in its development.

Asked about the best joke he heard recently, Putin said it was something he read in German media about Trump "pushing Europe into Putin's hands".

"Complete nonsense. I can only take it as a joke", he said, saying it was the same as the US allegations that Russian Federation had influenced the 2016 election. "Total nonsense. There's no way to describe this other than as a joke".

"No amount of military exercise could compare with the use of force in combat conditions", the Russian president said.

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